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Exploring the Art of Basketry: A Timeless Craft


Où / Where ?

Bouxurulles, Vosges, France

Quand / When ?

Tous les ans autour du weekend du 10 mai

Every year on the weekend around May 10th

Quoi / What?

Marché Vannier

Everything made with wicker and straw

I'm joining a few pictures of truly amazing pieces I have seen, they were installed in an old barn which added to the charm. Although the exhibit was small, there were incredible items, all handwoven and from several areas of France. I bet some of them would be worth a small fortune if they were to be auctioned, especially the hand bags, or the Rotschild piece. But, they are kept for being shown to the public for free, and that's awesome. Additionally, the market gives the opportunity to basketer artists to show and sell their productions, and local dances are performed (Vosges traditional dances, in costumes).

Adding that these are the vintage pieces, and they are not for sale. The craftsmens pieces were more contemporary but these are what I admired the most.

Here are a few basketry items, for sale on my shop, they are all vintage and made in France.

and some I upcycled, because I love to paint wicker. Basketry spans an incredible lifetime of existence and is still the art of the future, as it is so sustainable.

Until next time ! For the discovery of other types of crafts.

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