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Malle en osier relookée, une vieille malle avec 

des boutes marins sur les côtés. 

Elle a de la bouteille (de rhum, sans doute !!!) 

Je l'ai repeinte en blanc avec des rayures bleues marines. 


Dimensions : 

Largeur 80 cm 

Hauteur 36 cm 

Profondeur 50 cm 


Une seule disponible, meuble recyclé. 


© SophieLDesign 

2015. Tous droits de reproduction interdits 


Malle marine, MARINETTE en osier peint blanc rayures marines

SKU : Malle marine
  • This is a lovely wicker trunk, that I upcycled.

    It's woven wicker, and the handles are made of sailing cords.
    I painted all of it white, and then I created the stripy design.

    As you know this is a frenchified design, as we call this
    style "Marinière" in France, and if you travel to Brittany
    (west of France), you might find all kinds of people
    wearing stripy shirts !

    I've applied it to a whole collection of furniture, for example
    you can see my red navy dresser or my sailor's chair in the
    shop. Also, check out my little sailing anchors chair.

    You could create a whole sailing atmosphere in your bedroom
    just with my furniture :)))

    The dimensions for this trunk are :

    Length : 80 cm // 31,5 inches
    Width : 50 cm // 19,7 inches
    Height : 36 cm // 14,17 inches

    The finish is glossy and waterproof.

    I see it as a storage for toys in a children's bedroom,
    or a clothes dresser, in an adult's room, a chest to put in
    your travel souvenirs ... I'll let you find a use for it !!

    There's only one and only this color, as it is an upcycled object,
    so one of a kind.

    © Home by SophieLDesign
    March 2017. All rights reserved

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