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Je vous propose la chaise seule, de mon ensemble bureau + chaise en 

C'est une très belle chaise, je n'ai quasi rien fait sur cet objet à part 
la nettoyer et la rendre prête à resservir. 

Il y a un léger accro dans la paille de l'assise, et une ligne grise plus foncée, 
j'ai essayé de le montrer en faisant un gros plan (voir photo). 

Cette chaise très légère à déplacer convient pour tout type de pièce, 
il ne faut pas la laisser dehors en hiver car elle est en matière naturelle. 

Si vous souhaitez que je la peigne, c'est possible, pour l'instant elle a sa belle couleur naturelle. 

Dimensions (voir listing)  
87 cm hauteur totale 
42 cm largeur assise 

Recyclage de meubles ©SophieLDesign

Chaise en rotin, dossier bambou, mini défaut sur l'assise, chaise recyclée

SKU : chaise rotin
  • This is the listing for the chair alone, of
    my desk + chair furniture set.

    It's a beautiful chair, I almost didn't do anything
    on this piece, apart from cleaning it and making
    it ready to be used again.

    There are small flaws in the rattan of the seat, I tried
    to capture them by taking a closeup (see photos).

    This chair is lightweight, easy to move around.
    It's suitable for all rooms, including for outdoor
    patio use. However, rattan and bamboo won't like
    humidity like rain, and should be taken inside for
    winter if you have low temperatures.

    It can be painted by me if you like, for now I have
    left it in its beautiful natural color.

    For dimensions see the listing,
    this item SHIPS FROM FRANCE.
    Return should be mentioned to the seller within
    15 days of reception, and you have 1 month to return the
    item. Refunding will be made if item is in original condition only.

    This item can also be bought on my own website.
    I only have one of these.

    Buyer is responsible to check if the importation of
    rattan and vintage bamboo is allowed in his country /
    state, as customs can require special fee or turn down
    items in some cases.

    The last two wooden chairs I shipped to the USA
    in 2023 went through marvelously so do not worry too
    much :)))

    © Recycled furniture, product by SophieLDesign

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