Satin and cotton patchwork star cushion.

Coussin en satin et coton, patchwork.

Dimensions 38 x 43 cm.


  • A beautiful star-shaped pillow, or cushion,
    made with patches of different fabrics.

    There is plain cloth, but also satin, cotton prints,
    etc, all in a pretty array of mint and white.

    The back of the star cushion is made of one
    fabric only, the kaki print.

    The inside of the pillow is in wool padding.

    The dimensions of the star are :

    38 x 43 cm
    15 x 17 inches

    This product ships from France.
    Shipping to the US, Canada takes minimum a
    week, max 10 days; more for Australia and NZ.
    Shipping to European union and around, takes 5 to 7 days.
    All other countries : 2 weeks minimum.

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