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Porte-manteau pour chambre d'enfant.

Mobilier pour enfant. Peut -être fixé au mur.


Le porte manteau est issu du recyclage, peint à la main, 

vernis, j'ai aussi créé les petits citrons sur lesquels resposent 

les vestes. Ils sont en pâte polymère. 


En forme d'arbre, il est très mignon, on peut le poser au 

sol ou le fixer. 


© SophieLDesign

2012. Tous droits de reproduction interdits 

Porte-manteau pour chambre d'enfant, L E M O N T R E E

SKU : 2012
  • I found a flat wooden tree discarded in the streets. 
    It was plain, unvarnished wood, and was missing 
    some coat-pegs. 

    I washed it, removed the pegs, polished it, painted it 
    with acrylic paint. 

    Then I tried my best to find wooden pegs in shops 
    in the shape of lemons that would fit on my tree, 
    (I would even have taken any fruit !!) but no matter 
    how hard I tried, I could never find any. 

    So I decided to make some, with polymer clay. 
    Polymer clay is soft, and easy to shape, but becomes 
    very hard and resistant once it's been baked. 
    I know this material very well because I work a lot 
    with it when i make my jewels (see my other shop, 
    TheSausage on Etsy). 

    So I shaped my six lemons, and planted in them 
    some long enough screws, baked them and there 
    you go !! They were ready to assemble. 

    Now my tree is one of its kind, and you won't find 
    the like of it in a furniture shop !! It's all refurbished and 

    The tree must be fixed on a wall and there are some 
    holes at the back for hooks to hold it. 
    It is approximately one meter high, and 75 cm at the 

    The coats or clothes are  hung 
    onto the lemons. They hold!  it even works for adults'
    coats !

    However I imagined this tree for a child's bedroom. 

    And my reward... delicious lemon juice, as it is summer
    and 28°C in Paris today !! 

    Coat rack for kids. Kids' furniture, kids' bedroom. Can be fixed to a wall.

    100 x 75 cm  // 3 cm thick.


    © SophieLDesign 
    June 2014. All Rights Res

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