Upcycled wooden bowl, with lace

Récipient en bois brut, customisé avec napperon en dentelle

W O O D & L A C E

  • To create this pretty object,
    I recycled a plain wooden bowl,
    which I handpainted.

    Then, I used a handmade doily which
    I fixed at the bottom with resin, making
    it a permanent and sturdy decoration.

    This bowl can be used to put keys in,
    or jewels, or small object.
    It is not suitable to put edible materials

    This item ships from France.
    Time for shipping to Can / USA : 5 to 7 days
    Time for shipping to AUS : 7 to 9 days
    Europe 3 to 5 days.
    The minimum abroad shipping fee is 25$ for this object.

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