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Une petite merveille que ce
service à thé, que j'ai chiné pour vous.
(voir le listing pour le service complet)

Il s'agit d'un service à thé de style baroque, 18ème,
doré, Bavaria, avec une illustration de calèche qui se retrouve
peinte sur le devant de chaque pièce.

Voici le listing si vous souhaitez acheter uniquement la théière.

elle a notamment un trait dans la porcelaine sur le devant,
mais qui je pense ne devrait pas mettre en danger la théière.

En cas de problème, je suis toujours disponible pour mes clients.
A très vite !

© Vintage par SophieLDesign

Théière du service doré Bavaria, motif calèche, baroque doré et blanc

SKU : théière dorée
  • This is a vintage tea set, a real treasure trove, composed of 9 Italian made porcelain pieces, which include :

    - 1 teapot
    - 1 sugar bowl
    - 1 creamer
    - 6 teacups and saucers.

    Please see the other listing for all of the set.

    The tea set is delicately painted gold,
    on almost all of the surface of the pieces.
    However, on the front there's an illustration of
    a horse-drawn carriage.

    This drawing can be found on all pieces, including on the saucers, where they
    appear on the central circle holding the cups.

    This teaset is vintage, and it has been used before.
    It is very fine and delicate porcelain.

    This is the listing to buy JUST THE TEAPOT.

    Enjoy high tea !
    Please do not hesitate to write me if you
    need more details about this set.
    Ships worldwide.

    PS: This tea set is REAL SIZE, not for doll's
    houses :)

    I have included a photo of the flaw in the photos.

    Buying the teaset implies that you have read
    the description and seen the flaw. Should
    anything happen, please contact me !

    The teaset can be returned within 14 days after
    receiving it.
    Customers are responsible for shipping costs in
    case of return.

    © Vintage Treasure by SophieLDesign
    All Rights Reserved

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