Service à thé Une théière + 2 petites tasses, en verre, customisé pastel rose, menthe, argenté par SophieLDesign

Matériaux utilisés: Verre 

Quoi de plus joli à offrir, à sa mamie ??? 

Cette petite théière 
qui sert deux petites tasses est parfaite, pour offrir à la 
fête des grand-mères :)  

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pour les dimensions, merci de vous y référer. 

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  • This is a lovely mini tea set, or coffee set, for two people. 


    I customised the teapot and teacupsby painting stripes on it, 

    that are pastel colored and very sweet. There's a pink stripe at the botton, 

    a mint stripe in the middle, and a silver stripe at the top, and they are 

    reversed on the teacups. 


    The lid is customised in mint and silver as well. 


    This teapot serves approximately 1 large mug or 2 small cups. 


    The teapot fine glass, so it's a bit fragile, but all good if you like lovely and

    fine items. There's a glass filter so that you can deposit the tea leaves

    directly in it, without using teabags. 


    The teacups on the other hand, are sturdy as the glass is thicker. 


    Enjoy your tea ! 

    Dimensions for the teapot : 

    Height 14 cm 5,5 inches 

    Diameter 12 cm 4,72 inches



    This item ships from France. 

    For England and European countries : delivery delay 7 to 10 days 

    For US and all other countries : 10 to 15 days delivery or more. 


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