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Bookends made of solid wood, handpainted, plastic figurines of mum and baby polar bear and mum and baby snowtiger.


Serre-livres en bois massif peints à la main avec mini figurines de maman ours polaire et son petit et maman tigre des neiges avec son petit.


Dimensions 17 x 7 x 14 cm.


© SophieLDesign 

2017. Tous droits de reproduction interdits 

Serre-livres C U B S, bébés animaux, tigre et ours polaire

  • These lovely bookends, are in fact pieces of pine wood,
    that I've decided to customize !
    I thought they looked like brackets, so it was adequate to
    use them with books ! (Although books are becoming
    rarer !!)

    I painted them half pastel, half silver, and then I added
    some miniature animals, cubs and their mums.

    There's a white tiger cub and his mum that I handpainted painted, and
    a polar bear cub and his mum.

    I chose polar animals because pastel colors make me think of
    the snow landscapes of the ice caps, the colors of the sky
    and nature. Silver is also for me a cold color.

    I hope you'll love my little polar landscape, on a shelf !
    The dimensions for these pieces are :

    17 cm 6,6 inches (height)
    7 cm 2,7 inches (width)
    14 cm 5,5 inches (length)

    © Home Decor by SophieLDesign
    February 2017. All Rights Reserved 

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