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Panière en osier Pastel Nature, peinte couleur menthe, avec couvercle.
Accessoire de chambre ou salle de bain, récipient.
Dimensions : 11 cm Hauteur / 14 cm Diamètre

© SophieLDesign

Design original 2015. Tous droits de reproduction interdits 

Panière ronde en osier avec couvercle , P A S T E L N A T U R E couleur menthe

SKU : 0001
  • This basket is woven wicker, very soft,
    and flexible.

    I created three of them, in different colors, and this is the
    middle-sized one. I painted half of it in light green,
    but kept the second half natural, to show
    the beauty of the fibers.

    Its dimensions are :
    10 cm high with the lid, (3.9 in) 11 cm (4.3 in) high without
    13 cm (5.11 in) wide and 14 (5.5 in) with the lid.

    It's part of a line of objects I'm creating,
    called Pastel Nature,with soft
    colors and natural materials.

    See also : my rectangular storage baskets
    of the same name, and my chef cooking
    wooden spoons (listed in this shop).

    This basket is perfect for storage of any item
    around the house : it can be in the bathroom,
    in your dressing room, in your entryway ...

    © SophieLDesign
    June 2015. All Rights Reserved 

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