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Deux mugs customisés peints à la main, en verre.

Je les ai peintes avec de la peinture spéciale pour verre, 

cependant il est préférable de ne pas les passer au lave 

vaisselle ni au micro-onde. 


© SophieLDesign, 

2014. Tous droits de reproduction interdits 


Mugs en verre transparent I LOVE MON CAFÉ, coeur rouge

SKU : Love
  • Do you love your coffee ??? 

    Say it in Frenglish, with these two transparent glass 
    mugs I customized !! 

    One side has a simple red heart painted on it, 
    and reads "I love mon café", and the other 
    side has only one red heart with a "halo" :)) 

    Personally, I can't work without some coffee 
    in me. I'm trying to quit but to no avail ... 

    Are you addicted like me ??? 
    Say it with love !! 

    These mugs are perfect for a gift, 
    it's chic knowing French and if you'd 
    like, you can buy just one. 

    Contact me if you'd like only one, I'll make a 
    special listing for you. (use the contact form)

    © SophieLDesign 
    October 2014. All Rights Reserved

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