Handpainted wooden mikado set for decoration. 15 sticks.

Mikado de décoration peint à la main. 15 tiges en bois peint.



  • My decorative mikado is not a game !
    Although you could play with it :))

    These are long thin wooden sticks, used for

    You can put them in a vase, and create
    a refined, elegant, and perennial deco.

    All arrangements, are possible !
    You can mix and match them all together
    to create a multicolored touch.
    Or you can regroup them by color,
    to create dashes of pastel color in the house,
    against a wall.
    You can also leave them all piled
    up together, as in photo 4, for a
    delicate and arty deco.

    The deco sticks are amazing !! And multipurpose.
    You can DIY them.

    Mine are painted, and varnished.
    They look like incense sticks, but with
    the advantage that you never have to
    change them.
    As they are wooden, you can also perfume
    them, and they will be nicely fragrant in the

    There are 15 of them --
    - 3 pastel blue
    - 3 pastel pink
    - 3 gold
    - 3 purple
    - 3 light green.

    They are perfect to decorate a room,
    an entrance, a table, etc.
    Each stick is approximately 30 cm / 12 in.

    You can ask me to create a big quantity of them
    for a wedding, a reception, etc.
    Message me via etsy !

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