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Le joli service à café ou à thé vintage, "sucré salé", 
signé Guy Degrenne. Ce listing est réservé pour Isabelle ! 



- 3 tasses violettes 

- 2 tasses vertes 

- 3 tasses bleues 


Des petits carreaux adorables et qui mettent la pêche !! 

Bon thé, ou bon café :) 


© Vintage by SophieLDesign 
Home Decor / Service / arts de la table

Listing pour Isabelle --vintage Guy Degrenne, Sucré Salé, LOT DE 8 TASSES

SKU : set spécial
  • Guy Degrenne is a famous French luxurious 
    brand for tableware accessories. 

    This is a beautiful little vintage tea or coffee set, 
    with  8 cups and saucers. 

    The teacups are decorated with a checkered 
    pattern all over, and the saucers are of the same color.  

    There is a cute design of trees, and plants, one is 
    "prunier" (plum tree) the other "poirier" (pear tree) and 
    the last one "fraisier" is strawberries. 

    I  love this little set of three and the colors that give 
    energy and are very cute. 

    Enjoy French excellence and vintage :) 


    © Vintage by SophieLDesign 
    Home Decor / serving / tableware

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