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Chaise en bois et métal, collage réalisé avec des 

dépliants collectés dans la ville de Lisbonne. 

Dos rouge, assise en bois plate. 

Siège recyclé, upcycling. 


© SophieLDesign 

Juin 2016. Tous droits réservés 

Chaise L I S B O A, collage avec dépliants collectés dans la ville de Lisbonne

SKU : Lisboa
  • This is a simple wooden chair, flat and square, that
    I redecorated by creating a collage on it.

    The collage is entirely dedicated to Portugal, and I made
    it with the leaflets and literature I brought back from a trip
    I made to Lisbon to visit a friend.

    I painted the metallic legs bright red, and the back of the
    top is also bright red.
    The collage mixes paintings, drawings, photographs,
    flyers for outings, etc.

    The result is quite punchy and colorful, and I'm very pleased
    with it.

    If you have any question about this piece, please write me !

    © SophieLDesign
    June 2016. All Rights Reserved 

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