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Chaise relookée marinière et boutes marins, 

une chaise que j'ai sauvée des encombrants. 


© SophieLDesign 

Mars 2014. Tous droits de reproductions interdits 

Chaise de la mer, ou chaise française, par SophieLDesign

SKU : chaise marine
  • In France, we like everything stripy ! 


    I rescued this wooden frame of a chair, and repainted it white. 

    Then I painted the stripes. 

    And finally, I wove a net with cords to suggest rigging, 

    to make the seating. 


    You can actually sit ! 

    However it has mostly a decorative value. 


    If you're interested to buy the small cubic cupboard next 

    to the chair, contact me, it will soon be listed in my shop. 



    © SophieLDesign

    2012. All rights reserved

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