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Trois petites bouteilles peintes, pastel et or. 
Vert menthe, rose, violet.
Le mikado est vendu séparément.
SophieLDesign, 2015.

Bouteilles peintes P A S T E L G O L D, mini vases décoratifs

SKU : painted bottles
  • I bought these three bottles, which
    can easily be found in French shops,
    and I decided to upcycle them to create
    stem vases.

    I'm currently obsessed with these four
    colors, as you can see in my shop !
    It all started with my Versailles pots,
    which you can also see listed.

    Versailles is the name I gave to this
    whole collection of objects, I created
    with these four same colors, pastel pink,
    gold, light purple, light green.

    These three vases can be purchased together,
    or separately, if you wish to buy only one,
    please send me a mail.

    On the pictures they are shown as perennial
    vases, with deco sticks.
    But they can also be used like regular
    vases ! They are 15 cm / 5.30 in high.

    The paint is protected with aqua-stop and
    anti-UV varnish.

    The decorative sticks can also be purchased in my
    shop, I will list them shortly.

    NOTE : at the back of the bottles, you can read
    the commercial brand of the bottles, as it is
    moulded in the glass. I painted on it, but it appears
    as a relief.

    Ask me if you wish to purchase more than three of these !
    They're a pretty deco for tables, for a bedroom, bathroom,
    to hold incense sticks, etc.

    © Home Décor par SophieLDesign
    Juillet 2015, tous droits de reproduction interdits 

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